IRON MAN 2: "Stark Expo 2010"
Transmedia Campaign

In anticipation of the theatrical release of IRON MAN 2, Paramount Pictures International and Marvel Entertainment launched the "Stark Expo 2010" website, bringing to life a key element in the film: Tony Stark’s attempt to bring back Stark Expo, a world fair-like industrial and scientific exhibition which his father, Howard Stark, first launched in the 1960's.

The site featured a gallery of images of the fairgrounds/exhibition, an interactive map of the Expo, along with videos, one of which includes Tony’s father Howard Stark.

As part of Stark Expo 2010, announcements were made by three subsidiaries of Stark Industries: AccuTech, Cordco, and Fujikawa.

Come see the world of tomorrow today at Stark Expo 2010.

Agency: Picture Production Company
Client: Paramount Pictures International, Marvel Entertainment