IRON MAN 2: "I Am Iron Man 2"
Augmented Reality

For the early summer blockbuster IRON MAN 2, we delivered "I Am Iron Man 2", an augmented reality campaign allowing users to see themselves wearing the Iron Man and War Machine masks.

This innovative application not only utilized facial tracking for markerless AR but also incorporated gesture recognition, enabling you to control elements of the user interface by moving your hand in front of your webcam. As a result, also allowed users to see the HUD view that Tony has when he is Iron Man plus have a conversation with Jarvis using quotes from the movie.

But most importantly, as we live in an embeddable, shareable world, we wanted to make sure user could easily record and share themselves as Iron Man so we integrated the tech to ensure the whole experience could be recorded and saved to social networks or to their own computer.

Agency: Picture Production Company
Client: Paramount Pictures International